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Alex Heidt

Consultant | Federal Government and Commercial Contracting



Alex heidt HeadshotAlex Heidt is a consultant with over 25 years of experience in the federal government and commercial contracting business market. He founded Insignia Consulting Group to provide strategic consulting services and fill an essential niche for small to mid-tier businesses. Through Insignia Alex creates long-term plans for his clientele, enables rapid business growth, and ultimately forms strong professional networks.

Alex has a long and storied career in P&L management, business development, international IT consulting, negotiating, and contract drafting. His clientele primarily consists of defense contractors who need help crafting their strategic vision and tactical plans to enter new markets and grow their enterprise value.

As a consultant Alex Heidt collaborates with company executives, flag officers, and high level government officials. Together they formulate strategic roadmaps to build a robust pipeline of opportunities which Insignia’s clients can bid on. Alex then provides the business development expertise they need to shape these opportunities, successfully bid and win opportunities, and help them through the ensuing rapid growth.

Alex has developed a proprietary methodology that Insignia utilizes to cull through the thousands of opportunities in the addressable market to identify, qualify and pursue the right opportunities for his clients. Alex’s Insignia’s Power Ranking© provides objective criteria to a multitude of correlations between key success factors to identify the top opportunities to pursue as well as the potential gaps in capabilities that his clients will need to address before bidding.

Companies seek Insignia’s services for a few reasons: they may be thinking of selling the entity or divesting assets of the company and want to maximize their enterprise value by creating a robust pipeline of opportunities and backlog. Alternatively, businesses often turn to Alex’s consulting services because they lack the resources to identify valuable opportunities to pursue to grow rapidly. It is very expensive for companies to maintain large staffs of business development experts. Insignia provides a cost effective way for companies to maximize their business development budgets  by only paying for the services when they are deployed.

Alex’s consulting services understands the world of federal and state small business set-asides contracts. Insignia helps small businesses, minority-owned businesses and HUBZone small businesses through the maze of government contracting to help his clients identify, shape, bid, and win federal and state contracts. More importantly, Alex’s consulting services provide strategic consulting on how to prepare such companies for their ultimate graduation from these programs, so they do so as robust and viable entities.

Alex also provides companies with independent financial analyses to optimize their rate structures to improve their bottom lines as well as to ensure they are competitive in their respective market segments; he helps them target the pain points of the structures and create a stronger foundation overall.

Alex Heidt conducts due diligence for both buy side and sell side clients. Insignia provides analysis on valuation, risk factors, and synergies to maximize the enterprise value. Alex’s consultants identify new management teams when required, as well as providing integration support to ensure a smooth transition.

Alex works with clients for both short-term and long term business development engagements depending on their needs and resources available. He conducts training for his clients’ staffs as well as developing and implementing procedures and processes based on the size and complexity of the clients’ organizations.

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