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Georgetown University’s Government Contract Program Prepare Students for a Billion Dollar Industry

Government contracts at the federal, state and local level produce billions of dollars in business each year. Understanding the complexities of government procurement contracts is essential from both a business and a legal aspect. Georgetown University has both an undergraduate degree concentration and Master’s Degree in Government Contracts that will prepare students for both.

Government Contract Law

Specializing in government contracts is a division that addresses the legal aspects of awarding government based contracts. Course curriculum through the Georgetown University government contracts program will expose students to how government contracts are awarded, the performance criteria that firms must adhere to, but also the process of disputes and litigation.

All private businesses must meet guidelines specific to each contract, beyond general adherence to all U.S. labor laws. Government contracts can be posted by federal, state, or local governments, with each meeting criteria specific to any unique ordinances and regulations.

Certain projects will incorporate various stipulations from all three levels, including explicit code compliance that must be met. The Georgetown University government contracts program explains how legal experts are essential in each stage of this process and prepares students by providing in depth knowledge about how the process works.

Master’s Program

At Georgetown University, students can advance their understanding of government contract law with The Master of Science in Government Contracts program (MSGC). By earning the Master’s Degree, students will blend the actual legal aspects of government procurement law and policy, with a core business curriculum taught in conjunction with the School of Business.

The extended degree program not only affords those who want to pursue a legal career in government contracts, but is also an excellent learning experience for business majors who want to work in the field. The Master’s of Science in Government Contracts degree is part of a series of specialized master’s programs that students can pursue.

Procurement spending for federally funded government projects is by itself, over $520 billion annually. Including all the regional, state and local contracts issued each year; the number is in the trillions of dollars.

Students who aspire to enter either the business or legal arena of government contracts will find the wealth of knowledge and experience available in the Georgetown University government contracts program indispensable.

The program is part of the Georgetown University Department of Government and adheres to the rigid scrutiny that produces one of the most thorough government studies curriculums in the world.