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Being a small or medium sized business it is important that you identify business opportunities, especially cost effective ones that will improve a company’s bottom line and upward growth. Finding new business opportunities are essential to a company’s growth and stability however identifying beneficial ones for your company may not always be so simple.

Take A Look At Timing

Are new business opportunities important to your business at this time? In addition, is your business in the position to be able to handle growth? These are two questions that are important to ask yourself before diving deeper into new business opportunity possibilities. The market and circumstances definitely have to be right.


It is important to take a look at the location and area that your company serves and make sure that new business opportunities are appropriate for that area and the are will respond well to them. Having a client base and need is obviously an important factor so understanding what the needs and wants are for the communities served with help to identify these opportunities.

Don’t Dwell On Past Failures

Like outlined previously in this blog, it is important not to dwell on past failures of other companies when an idea didn’t work for them because the timing might not have been right. Things are constantly changing, even month to month, so while the market might not have been right previously for an idea or product, it can definitely be right today.

Talk With A Consultant

Consultants are a great source to use when you are trying to identify new business opportunities when you are serious about growing it. For a small or medium sized business having a business development team can definitely be too costly. Consultant are a great place to go to because they can help you identify opportunities that you might not see as well as be able to help you think outside of the box. This is a cost effective way to help identify business opportunities when they are needed and only spending money when these efforts are deployed.

Pursuing the right opportunities for your business as well as making sure to identify these opportunities is extremely important to do so that your business can continue to grow. Speaking with a consultant can help shape your company and push you in the right direction.