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The Affordable Care Act was not met with resounding approval when it was introduced to congress in 2010. Elements like the individual mandate were not particularly liked by the public. The GOP’s replacement plan is much smaller and more precise. A lot of people in Washington are currently concerned that the elements that are stripped out will end up costing them seats during the midterm elections. The purpose of the GOP’s new plan is to essentially remove the elements of the Affordable Care Act that can currently be revoked. Some elements of the legislation can never be removed.

The individual mandate is removed. This forced those that did not purchase insurance to pay a penalty. The purpose of the individual mandate was to use the law of large numbers to drive down overall costs of the health insurance. The new bill will likely be better for young and healthy people. The GOP’s new mandate is slightly different. Those that allow their insurance policy to lapse may be charged a 30 percent penalty to renew coverage.

The bill still needs to pass through the senate. Some commentators have speculated that the GOP may be using Trump as a scapegoat to push the bill through. Many on the right also do not like the revised bill that the GOP has introduced. The original idea for the Affordable Care Act largely came from an article written by The Heritage Foundation. This is a right wing website. It seems that Obama tried to be diplomatic and appease both sides of the aisle when he constructed the original article. The problem might be that many on the right still think that health care should be completely privatized.

The biggest problem for Washington right now may be that there are no clear-cut answers. Many people have wanted the Affordable Care Act repealed since the day it was introduced. A lot of people who have taken advantage of its provisions do not even realize that they are getting their healthcare subsidized by the government. The new bill is likely not going to gain favor with the part of the country that is in a populist mood.